Look who was featured in enLIGHTENment Magazine!

Posted by Karen Jess-Lindsley on August 17, 2016 0 Comments

Alan and Karen Lindsley

Getting LEDucated

While at LEDucation in New York, the editor of EnLIGHTenment magazine discovered Lindsley Lighting. Our interview turned into an article about LEDucation --and included and a very nice write up about our company [and a halfway decent photo of founders Karen and Alan.]

We wanted to share it with you.

LEDucation gave us an opportunity to connect with industry professionals and listen to what matters to them, all the while demonstrating our advancements in lighting technology and design.

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Say HELLO to the Reed HLO

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Reed HLO

The Reed Pendant HLO adds a bit of sparkle to the sleek and slender Reed pendant. This new addition to the Reed lineup has all the horsepower and flexibility of the Reed Pendant, with an elegant drop lens. Polished on the outside and bottom, and frosted on the inside, it perfectly captures a brilliant glow.

The Reed HLO features a Xicato LED with high quality light and color rendering.

11", 16", 25" and 33" lengths- and only 2 1/4 inches in diameter.
Custom sizes available from 7.5" to 73"

1000 or 1300 lumen options

2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K
High quality color rendering, 80+ or 98 CRI
40 or 60 degree beams
Dimmable with ELV, 0-10V, 0%, 1% or DMX


The body comes in an array of modern finishes, including a beautiful polished satin anodized finish, as well as satin and gloss powder coat colors. Picture it in black satin, black gloss, white gloss or red!

The Reed HLO is a stunning pendant either alone, in series or grouped at varying heights.

Spec Sheets and Order Guides are on the website


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Tule Pendant - a whole lotta lumens in a 4 inch aperture!

Posted by Karen Jess-Lindsley on May 31, 2016 1 Comment

The Tule Pendant packs a whole lotta lumens into a 4" diameter cylinder. The Tule can be used to illuminate high cube spaces like two story lobbies, stairs, churches and airports. It also works well in offices, schools, hospitals and theaters.

Tule Pendant

Xicato LED options include:
Lumens         1300, 2000, 3000 or 4000 
CCT                2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K
CRI                 98+ or 80+

Dimmable with ELV, 0-10V, 1% or DMX

Great standard and custom heights
12" h x 4" d

20" h x 4" d

32" h x 4" d
Custom heights from 9" to 60" 
Pendant wire and rigid stems available.
ETL for dry or damp locations.
The Tule Pendant comes in an array of modern finishes, including a stunning silver polished satin anodized, matte anodized and beautiful powder coat colors. The Tule Pendant pairs beautifully with the Reed Pendant 
stom  finishes available
Details & Spec Sheets are on the website.


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Stretch Cubed Sconce: a favorite takes a new form!

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The Stretch Cubed Sconce takes our very successful Cubed Wall Sconce and stretches into a new set of dimensions.
Taller.             5" h

Wider.            8" w
Lower profile  2.5"d

With the same specs we love about the Cubed:
800 lumens [400 up and 400 down] 10 watts

400 lumen downlight [or uplight] 5 watts
2700K, 3000K or 3500K
High quality color rendering, 92+ CRI
Dimmable with ELV, 0-10V, 1% or DMX
ETL for interior OR exterior use
The Stretch Cubed comes in an array of modern finishes, including brushed anodized and beautiful powder coat colors.
Marine Grade finishes available.

* custom heights and finishes available
Picture the Stretch Cubed Sconce on columns, in hallways, lobbies or building exteriors. It can be used in multi-family, hotel, healthcare, commercial, office and residential projects.
Details & Spec Sheets are on the website.
The Stretch Cubed now joins the rest of the Cubed family. 
Tall Cubed

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We're headed to LEDucation in NYC!

Posted by Karen Jess-Lindsley on March 24, 2016 0 Comments

We're exhibiting at Education in New York March 29-30th. Can't wait to participate in this fabulous 10th Anniversary event. 

Stop by and see us. We're in Booth 21 in America's Hall I.

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