Earth Day 2014 -What does it mean?

Posted by Karen Jess-Lindsley on April 22, 2014 0 Comments

Sometimes it seems that there is very little any one person or small business can do to make a difference. But, the collective impact of small changes can make a big impact.

We try to be earth-aware every day.

Our sleek modernist designs use a minimal amount of materials.

Our LEDs are energy efficient.

We re-use all incoming packaging material (that's why our shipping boxes aren't always pristine.)

We make sure all materials we use are RoHS compliant, (meeting the European standard for sustainability. Sadly, the US does not have a comparable standard.)

While we like to think our products we will be loved and last forever, we're realists. Someday someone is going to walk into a space and have a new vision. It might not include our light fixtures. When that day comes, our fixtures can be pulled apart and put into existing recycling systems for aluminum, plastic, glass and wire. 

Operating in a sustainable way is not extraordinary. It should be ordinary. If all companies operated this way, it would make a huge difference. And it does not have to cost the customer any more. 

Small company. Small steps. Big hopes. 

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