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Our Company

What happens when your last child goes off to college? You start a company, of course. For the husband and wife team of Alan Lindsley and Karen Jess-Lindsley, this seemed like the logical progression for their careers, and a way to create a company that aligned with their love of modern design, passion for lighting and commitment to sustainable living. Alan’s technical knowledge of lighting and talent at designing light fixtures is the backbone of Lindsley Lighting. He has that perfect combination of geek and creativity that makes developing high performance light fixtures second nature. Karen is the business brains behind the operation. 


Lindsley Lighting is taking a fresh approach to designing and manufacturing LED light fixtures. The sleek modernist designs take advantage of the low profile that can be achieved with LEDs while delivering high performance. 

Lindsley Lighting products
are characterized by

Modernist Design

Taking advantage of the low profile of LEDs, the designs are sleek, classic, timeless. elegant.


While we have standard sizes, most fixtures can be modified in at least one dimension. All sconces can be specified for indoor or outdoor usage. Many fixtures are adjustable.  

Want to know if we can do something just for you? Just ask!

High Performance

We take a lot of pride in squeezing a lot of light out of very small apertures. We allow dimming your way: 0-10V, ELV, 1%, dim to dark, Lutron, DALi or DMX. You choose.

Green by Design

from solid state light sources, to recyclable materials, to RoHS compliant manufacturing processes.

Extraordinary Energy Efficiency

High lumen output is achieved using only high quality, high efficacy LEDs from Nichia and Xicato, all dimmable.

Made in USA

With the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

The Founders

Karen and Alan embody a mix of corporate experience and know-how, entreprenurial spirit and  deep green roots. Their commitment to living lightly on the earth has been part of their belief system since they met in college. Their honeymoon was spent backpacking in the Canadian Rockies and their first home was a solar townhouse in Boulder, Colorado. Now they are based in the hills of northern California where they have gardened organically for over 20 years, growing a bounty of fruits and veggies. They recognize that their lives are not perfectly green, but are in a continuous quest to make them greener.

Alan Lindsley, AIA, IESNA, LEED GA

Alan is the Chief Design Officer for Lindsley Lighting developing all fixture designs and technical capabilities. A licensed architect, Alan worked on commercial architecture projects at Gensler for 13 years before launching his own firm, Lindsley Architectural Lighting. In addition to lighting design, Alan has been designing light fixtures for over 25 years. He has a reputation for solving complex lighting issues, technical expertise and a slavish commitment to quality. His work can be seen in commercial, civic and monumental structures in the US and Europe.


Alan has been actively involved in the San Francisco AIA Committee on the Environment, working to promote environmentally sound lighting practices, and is a LEED Green Associate. He is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. He was hired by the California Energy Commission to evaluate over a dozen large scale solar projects to understand and mitigate the potential impact of reflective light and glare.

Karen Jess-Lindsley, MBA

Karen is the CEO at Lindsley Lighting, overseeing marketing, sales, finance, legal and anything else that comes with starting a company. She founded a very successful management consulting company focusing on strategic planning and brand development for startups as well as Fortune 100 companies. Having worked in the wine and beer industries, she has developed a number of successful new brands including George Killian’s Irish Red Ale (Killian’s Red), Zima (product concept) and Winterfest for Coors Brewing Company and R Collection for Raymond Vineyards. She also has a strong background in retail, transportation and logistics.

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