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Introducing . . . the Reed 2.0 Collection


Lumens   +   Optics   +   Control

We take great pride in squeezing a lot of lumens out of very small apertures. Using high quality LEDs, Lindsley Lighting fixtures are efficient as well as dependable.

Our optics create beautiful beams of light that place the light where you want it to go.

Our fixtures can all be paired with any control system or dimming protocol you want, including 0-10V, ELV, 1% dimming, dim to dark, DMX or DALI. 

Green by Design

We believe in sustainability. Sustainability extends from creating timeless designs and using energy efficient light sources to sustainable manufacturing materials and processes to creating sustainable jobs with living wages and good benefits to building lasting relationships.  Learn more >

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We believe in modernism. We create designs that are clean, classic, timeless, elegant. With no visible screws, fasteners,  seams or extra wires the beauty of the design can stand on its own. In the spirit of modernism, our fixtures represent the intersection of design + performance.

Made with pride in the Bay Area

All our fixtures are made in Martinez, California. We source most of our parts from best-of-breed suppliers from all over the USA. While a few of our parts come from overseas, our products meet Made in USA standards.

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