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     6.5"h x 2.25"d     

     10"h x 2.25"d

     15"h x 2.25"d 

     24"h x 2.25"d

     Custom heights up to 48" - please contact us!

Lumen Output and Energy Usage:

    1000 lumens:   7 watts @ 80 CRI; 10 watts @ 98 CRI

    1300 lumens: 10 watts @ 80 CRI; 14 watts @ 98 CRI


Light Coloration:






Beam Angles:




    CorTen-ish Rust

Sleek and slender, the minimalist Reed Surface Mount pendant features a knife edge base that blends into ceilings. With the Xicato 1300 lumen LED module, it is a great alternative to downlights. Best of all, no visible screws or fasteners. These can be as short as 6.5” or as tall as 60”. This fixture easily mounts to a 4”x2” octagonal j-box. Optional mudrings and deep j-box covers are available. Using a proprietary technique, Lindsley Lighting has created a real rust finish, applied to our aluminum Reed surface mount fixtures. After the rust “blooms” on the body of the fixtures, it is fixed - so it will not change or flake.  The Reed CorTen-ish juxtaposes the character and variability of CorTen Steel with the performance of our sleek slender Reed pendants. Due to the inherent properties of the rust finish, each fixture will be slightly different. That is the beauty of this finish. Choose either a Black or White Base, or a Mudring for a flangeless look.


Made in USA.


  • 1000 or 1300 lumens

  • Color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K

  • High quality color rendering: 80+ or 98 CRI

  • Dimmable with 0-10V, ELV. 1%, 0% and DMX

  • ETL certified for damp locations

  • Meets RoHS standards for sustainable manufacturing

  • Five year limited warranty

  • Made in USA

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