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LLTL.PN ... 00U

LLTL.PN ... 00D

LLTL.PN.32 ... 00U

LLTL.PN.32 ... 00D

LLTL.SM.12 ... 00U

LLTL.SM.12 ... 00D

LLTL.SM.20 ... 00U

LLTL.SM.20 ... 00D



LTL.PN ... 06U/13D

LTL.PN ... 06U/20D

LTL.PN ... 08U/13D

LTL.PN ... 08U/20D

LTL.PN32 ... 06U/13D

LTL.PN32... 06U/20D

LTL.PN32 ... 08U/13D

LTL.PN32... 08U/20D

LTL.SM12 ... 06U/13D

LTL.SM12 ... 06U/20D

LTL.SM12 ... 08U/13D

LTL.SM12 ... 08U/20D

LTL.SM20 ... 06U/13D

LTL.SM20 ... 06U/20D

LTL.SM20 ... 08U/13D

LTL.SM20 ... 08U/20D

LTL.PNCST ... 06U/13D

LTL.PNCST ... 06U/20D

LTL.PNCST ... 08U/13D

LTL.PNCST ... 08U/20D

Tule Up/Down Pendant

This version of the Tule up/Down Pendant provides both direct and indirect illumination. The downlight is powered by a high CRI Xicato module while the uplight uses a proprietary board with color-matched Nichia LEDs. With only a 4" diameter, the Tule Up/Down pendant is suspended from a single cord. The Tule can be used to illuminate open office environments as well as high cube spaces like two story lobbies, stairs, churches and airports. The cylinder heights range from a more minimal 12 inches to a stately 32 inches. Beautiful polished anodized finish, matte finishes as well as satin and gloss powder coat colors.


  • 600 or 800 lumens up and 1300 or 2000 lumens down

  • Color temperature: 3000K or 3500K

  • High quality color rendering: 95 CRI

  • Dimmable; uplight and downlight can be operated independently

  • ETL certified for damp locations

  • Meets RoHS standards for sustainable manufacturing

  • LBC compliant / Red List Free wire

  • Five year limited warranty

  • Made in USA


     12"h x 4.0"d

     20"h x 4.0"d 

     32"h x 4.0"d

     Custom heights available from 10" to 32"


Lumen Output and Energy Usage:

     1900 lumens (600 up / 1300 down):  26 watts

     2600 lumens (600 up / 2000 down):  32 watts 

     2100 lumens (800 up / 1300 down):  32 watts 

     2800 lumens (800 up / 2000 down):  38 watts 


Light Coloration:





Downlight Beam Angles:




    1" HLO lens available in addition to beam selection


    The Tule Up/Down can be controlled with a single driver OR the Up/Down can be controlled independently with 2 drivers



    Silver Polished anodized

    Gold Matte anodized

    Brushed Silver anodized

    Brushed Gold anodized

    Brushed Black anodized

    Black Satin powder coat 

    White Satin powder coat

    Black Gloss powder coat 

    White Gloss powder coat 

    Silver Satin powder coat 

    Bronze powder coat 

    Red Pepper powder coat 

    Tangerine powder coat 

    Lime Green powder coat 

    Custom colors

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